Ready for Spring with H&M! “Everything You Need Is Already Within”

”The human form in its physical entirety is a glorious and beautiful thing. All of us born and developed with our unique quirks. We are all made of stardust. I have been learning to love the gentle curves of my form. I’m learning to capture the endless thoughts of my daydreaming mind. I’m learning to appreciate my imperfections. As tiny works of living art!!”LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF

We live in a society where we are made to feel that if we are not in love with someone or something, we are not actually living. Its as if its a duty on this earth. Which is sad because what they don’t teach us, is that you need to love and appreciate yourself first, before you can completely love someone else. After all everything you need is already within you! You cannot depend on someone else to give you love and happiness, you need to be whole all by yourself! Fall in love with your life and explore what this beautiful world has to offer!


I absolutely love this Spring StreetWear Look from H&M, that could be dressed up or down.

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