Enjoy the beauty of becoming.

Off the shoulder pink top- @blackpalmapparel

As I watched our beautiful ball of fire perform as it lit up the sky in heart colored hues . As the water crashed over the rocks, I thought about what it took for water to form. It takes immense chaos. Hydrogen and oxygen coming together. Molecules forming and birthing an entirely new element that sustains life. So maybe we need to dance with the chaos within, instead of attempting stillness.

Just how it takes immense chaos and work for the beauty of nature to occur, it is the same in our lives. Life is beautiful, even though there is hard work involved.  It takes hard times, struggles and chaos in the process of becoming the person that you were created to be. You need to embrace the journey of your life. The fact that you are alive, trying and embracing the beauty of becoming more of who you were created to be, each day, is always enough.

Thank you for visiting my blog, may you embrace the beauty in each day.


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