Building Your Own Empire

We are all on our own wonderful journey, through this experience that we call life. Do not compare your journey to someone elses, as we are all unique individuals with our own abilities, paths and purpose.  You cannot compare a wildly grown sunflower to a delicate daisy, so do not compare yourself to the person next to you. We are all on a journey, discovering and learning daily, about who we are. Through the uncertainty, confusion, highs and lows, we are all growing. It is usually through these times of uncertainy, that we grow the most.  It is from the dark soil, that a sunflower blossoms slowly… and flourishes, only seeking for light. I aspire to do the same.

I have learnt how important it is to build your own empire. To work hard at achieving your own goals, to maintain your own mental and physical health and to have great ambition. You are wildy capable of just about anything you wish to do or accomplish. The journey to the destination that you dream of, will not be easy, but through self trust and knowing ones worth, anything is possible, when you are commtted to building your own empire. Live fearlessly and trust the timing of your breakthrough in life, for you have endless potential within you.

Photography by-Kym Schoeman Photography                                                                                                 Dress-Zaful



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