The effects of Covid-19 on Society and the Fashion Industry-From a positive perspective

As the death toll rises each day, Covid-19 has pushed everyone into a state of anxiety and uncertainty. We are all struggling to adapt to what is going on worldwide. We have all been plunged into a state of abnormality that will test our resilience during this time. 

However, during this time I took a step away from the negative news reports and the chaos going on around the world to have a look at the current and possible future changes in the fashion industry and the world as a whole, that may be positive. This year will define and transform the future of the fashion industry.

More than ever, communities, families, and countries are coming together in unity to fight the pandemic. Crime rates are dropping and kindness is becoming a currency in its own right as individuals uplift and support one another during this time. 

As we are all forced to slow down, we are given the opportunity to both reflect on the way we have been spending our time up until now and, to also realize what is most important in our lives. We are given time to re-align our focus and be filled with gratitude towards the little things in life and the people around us. We can often take the little things for granted until we no longer have them. People are now re-evaluating their values. 

There is a rise in the prioritization of important goods in people’s lives. People are realizing what is actually needed in their space and want to get rid of any external clutter in their lives. This may lead to more minimalistic lifestyles, affecting the consumer buying behavior of people, decreasing conspicuous consumption and the rate of fast fashion. 

Large fashion retailers are suffering during this time, which may lead to a more slow fashion approach, promoting sustainability as people begin to support their local community more. 

As people experience anxiety and fear, mental health has become a common topic of discussion and is something that people are becoming more aware of. Consumers are beginning to prioritize comfort and joy in their daily lives. 

There are many positive aspects to consider when looking at the life-changing impact of the current pandemic.

I hope that you are keeping positive and productive during this time.

Sending you all of my love and light,



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