Hello, welcome to little snippets of my life that I enjoy capturing and sharing with you. My name is Skylar, I am a 19 year old creator, with the wildest dreams and the courage to chase them. I am currently located in South Africa however, enjoy exploring other parts of the world as often as possible. I am most passionate about fashion, art and travel and will therefore be sharing these aspects of my life with you. I am a fashion media student at the London International School of Fashion and I work as a part time assistant/intern at the Fashion Agent. I hope to do social media marketing for fashion companies in the future, as this will allow me to express both my creative and business mindedness.

Over the next year, I aim to post more about my knowledge gained in the fashion industry, sustainability in the fashion industry as well as a few of my favourite 2020 moments.

For any business enquiries, please contact: skyberryfashion@gmail.com

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